Monday, February 7, 2011

Poll: Gillard preferred PM treading water as Abbott sinks

Julia Gillard has maintained her lead in the preferred Prime-Minister stakes according the latest Newspoll published in the Australian.

Gillard is is reported as having a satisfied rating of 45% (up one percent since September 2010).  The down side is that the undecided rating (down down to 13% from 20% in September ) has swung to the negative with a corresponding rise in the satisfied category.

The swing has not helped Tony Abbott who is still languishing behind Gillard as preferred Prime Minster. (48% to 35%)

Abbott satisfaction rating has dropped six percentage points from 48% to 42% with a corresponding increase in the level of those dissatisfied with Abbott's performance (38% to 44%) the number of uncommitted remains at 13%

The bias Green Doctor of Tea Leaf  reading William Bowie (Pollbludger) in a quantum leap in assessing a poll published by Roy Morgan reports that Abbott's decline is due to a rise in treasure Joe Hocking standing. It has nothing to do with Abbott's inability to win over the public's trust and confidence.

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