Wednesday, March 28, 2012

VEC Niddrie count concluded. Greens came a distant third

The VEC has concluded its by election count but failed to publish an accurate 2CP result due to mistake in determining who would be the main font runners. The VEC had thought the last two candidates remaining would have been the ALP and the Greens. As was previously reported on election night independent Andria Surace out polled the Greens primary vote. Analysis of the registered HTV cards should have indicated that the Greens were not a serious contender for the seat. The VEC would have also known this fact earlier in the count when primary votes were recorded and using SMS technology or even a mobile phone could have directed staff to notionally distribute a 2CP throw based on real live data.

Link: VEC Results

QLD Local Governent elections next big challenge for Labor

The Queensland Local Government elections, which were put off until after the State Election, will be the next test for Labor. Having just come to terms with the impact and risk to democracy Labor could reasonably hope that it might do better in Local Government. The main contest will be the City of Brisbane following the departure Campbell Newman from town hall to the State house, punters will be eiher be lining up to hedge their bets or take another swipe on April 28

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Niddrie:: VEC Polls results still out of wack

The VEC still has not accounted properly for the Niddrie by-election results.

Votes recorded at the end of the recheck (Extracted Tuesday 22:00 - No time date stamp published)
Formal votes 27338 Informal 3560 Total 30898

2CP votes (Time date stamp of Tuesday, 27 March 2012 10:10:24 AM) still showing a split between the ALP (19485) and the Greens (8058) even though the the Greens do not pickup preferences from other minor candidates HTV cards (They came third not second)  Total formal 27534 Some 205 votes more then the polling place results. 

Recheck votes

Total Enrolment
as at close of rolls:
Formal Votes:27338
Informal Votes:3560 (11.52% of the total votes)
Total Votes:30898 (83.94% of the total enrolment as at the close of rolls rechecked)

Recheck First preference votes


Voting centres

CDPInformal votesTotal votes polled
Airport West639031311916584163681042251925
Avondale Heights5382420323188631202221052172018
Avondale Heights Central981227421232571292452732084683349
Avondale Heights North16263772422128443679608
Buckley Park6675624021235821881211172322058
Keilor East6380328011147112120651492451995
Keilor Heights579112851117653163235842442219
Keilor Park45608116181156711160711971408
Keilor South558034041417988183126992922243
Niddrie Central66891220282461271741421122932299
Ordinary Votes Total683934926222152085978182115701291296023574

Postal Votes1101530237772291391471541321612916
Early Votes1301819538494871722261691344204144
Marked As Voted Votes291021314326
Provisional Votes1195225311226101016238
Absent Votes00000000000

Percentage of formal vote polled by candidate3.42%46.83%12.51%1.27%10.37%4.76%8.13%6.96%5.75%

Bound for South Australia

Victoria's "Shadow Puppert Master" Steve Tully, electoral commissioner, has resigned to return back to South Australia from where he came.

Tully was renowned for his monumental stuff up of the 2006 State election and his failure to ensure that public elections in Victoria were open and transparent and subject to proper scrutiny.

Steve Tully's ten year contact was up for renewal in 2015 with many predicting that it would not be renewed. Tully was left with the option of leaving now or face forced retirement in three years time. He choose to leave, taking up an offer to head South Australia's Health Complaints Commission.

The Victorian State Government should this opportunity to review and restructure the Victorian Electoral Commission transferring most of its functions and conduct of Public elections to the Australian Electoral Commission. The Victorian Electoral Commission should maintain a Secretariat that is responsible for policy development and oversight role only. Such a move would save Victoria 100s of millions of dollars in services and infrastructure that are essentially duplicated by the Australian Federal Electoral Commission.

William Bowie Talks up Abbott's approval by publishing conflicting and false facts

PollBludger And Green Tea Leaf reader, William Bowie, has talked up Tony Abboott's approval rating by falsely claiming that Tony Abbott has an approval rating between 32% to 58%. The truth is Abbott's disapproval rating is at 58%

... Tony Abbott’s ratings are unchanged at 32 per cent approval and 58 per cent approval, and there is likewise essentially no change on preferred prime minister (Gillard leads 40-37, up from 39-37)

Update: 10:00

Caught out making false statements William Bowie has altered the above statement which now reads

... Tony Abbott’s ratings are unchanged at 32 per cent approval and 58 per cent disapproval, and there is likewise essentially no change on preferred prime minister (Gillard leads 40-37, up from 39-37)

No mention or apology for the mistake just a coverup (again)

Monday, March 26, 2012

VEC: Niddrie, Over 6,312 votes missing in 2CP count

VEC Published results (A 20:55 Today) shows a discrepancy of 6,312 votes on the false 2CP data.  Votes have either gone missing or been added to the count.  A discrepancy of over 6,000 votes is not minor error and raises ongoing concerns over the quality of the VEC counting and reporting procedures. 

Note the Total votes (20,614) and then add-up the 2CP results  (26,926 ).  Missing from the published results is the section votes (Postal, Absentee, Early and Provisional votes)

The VEC also has the Greens listed in error as  the preferred Candidate against Labor's Ben Carrol when Andrea Surace  has more votes with registered HTV preferences flowing to the ALP and Surace before the Greens.

 Published results as at 20:55

Niddrie District By-election 2012

Total Enrolment
as at close of rolls:
Formal Votes:20614
Informal Votes:2960 (12.56% of the total votes)
Total Votes:23574 (64.05% of the total enrolment as at the close of rolls rechecked)

Recheck first preference votes

CandidateParty1st pref votes% of 1st pref votes
SCHOREL-HLAVKA, Gerrit Hendrik
683 3.31%
CARROLL, BenALP9349 45.35%
SURACE, Andrea
2622 12.72%
LINAKER, David Hugh
215 1.04%
LESTER, JosieGreens2085 10.11%
DEVERALA, MichaelDLP978 4.74%
MYERS, AmySex Party1821 8.83%
1570 7.62%
PAPAFOTIOU, FrankCDP1291 6.26%

Two candidate preferred vote

CandidatePartyPreferred votes% of preferred votes
CARROLL, BenALP19042 70.72%
LESTER, JosieGreens7884 29.28%

Please note that two candidate preferred counts provide an early indication of election results. Minor variations may be observed with rechecked results and final preference distributions (where required)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Niddrie By-election: VEC calls it wrong (again)

The Victorian Electoral Commission has called the 2CP results of the Niddrie Byelection wrong. It pitted the ALP off against the Greens. When in fact the Greens at best Will come in at third place and would not be facing off against the ALP.

How VEC made this error is anyone's guess. It certainly is not based on any professional assessment or the registered HTV cards submitted by other candidates. All HTV cards that expressed a preference placed the Greens last. The Green leaf fortune teller William Bowie made no mention of this fact in his blog of Green tea leaves. LOL

Saturday, March 17, 2012

French madness, money to burn

The French Presidneial election is a clear demonstatition of election madness and futility of French public policy in the pretense of democracy.

The French Governmnet maintain a two-round presidential ballot system

The polls show two main candidates vying for the presidential office. Both candidates have a primary vote of 28percent. In the second round of voting the incumbent president is expected to fall short 48 to 52 percent.

It costs billion of Euros to hold the presidential ballot and the two round system only adds to the cost.

France like that of other nations that maintain the two round voting system should adopt the Australian preferential voting system. One round same result at half the cost and greater political stability.