Thursday, November 10, 2011

Poll: Gillard up 6%, Abbott and the Greens each down 3%

Julia Gillard's approval rating on the rise as the media comes under criticism for not scrutinising the policies and performance of the Greens and Tony Abbott.

In a recent poll , (2PP) the Gillard Government was on 47%  with the Abbott lead coalition in 53%

Gillard's increase in the polls comes after a relatively successful two weeks with the holding of the Commonwealth Head of Government meeting in Perth and the G20 meeting in France.

The Greens lost ground as the media began to hold them to account and shone the light on the fact that the Greens internal conferences were not open to the public or media. unlike the Liberal Party and the ALP who allow the media to attend and report on the parties deliberations.  For too long the Greens have been trading on the feel good environmental factor but have not been subjected to public review of its own internal going procedures.

Likewise Tony Abbot's negativity. oppose everything, is beginning to wear thin.  Gillard has managed to get through Parliament the government's "Price on Carbon" legislation, legislation that will see market forces shape a cleaner heather future for Australia and our environment as investment in new technology begins to come into focus.  The Government also managed to pass legislation that will tax the super profits of the mining boom and allow Australians to benefit from the profits in national resources in the form of tax cuts for low income earners and increase superannuation investments.  In spite the negativity, false and misleading statements designed to undermine Australia's economic interests Tony Abbott in the meantime is facing the prospect of having the wind taken out of his campaign as the ship sails on without him. The oppositions refusal to support changes to the migration act to overcome the restrictions placed on processing refugee applications offshore is another example of Abbott pursing a policy of opportunism and not acting not in Australia's best interest. Every time a new boat load of unlawful immigrants arrive on our shores Abbott will come under fire and the general public will be reminded of the his parties refusal to support legislation that should out an end to the  illegal people smuggling.  

Australia is very much mindful of events that is unfolding in Europe and the need for Australia to maintain stability in the Australian economy.,  Australia under Labor is the best performing economy in the World and yet Abbott's opportunistic negativity has the potential of putting  our economy at risk.

Gillard's strategy is clear.  get on with the job of governing and try and ignore Abbott's negatively and as time progresses between now and the next Federal election, which is due in 2013. the facts surrounding Abbott's negatively will be exposed to the daylight and seen for what it is. Nothing but cheap hollow political opportunism.  Abbott's only chance of winning government is to play on the public  mis-perception of Gillard and hope that an election will be called sooner rather then later and that the electorate will  grow tired of a minority government.

Contrary to the public's perception Gillard is a competent and intelligent leader who has proven herself this week on the international stage where Abbott on the pother hand is a liability and unknown risk.

Having known Gillard for over 25 years I can assure readers that Gillard is not a person to dismiss so easily, she is the best person to lead the Australian Government under the current economic and political circumstances. If there is any criticism of her it is her desire to over consult.  If we are to face a second wave of economic down turn Australia is better off with a Labor Government then the untied and unsecured Abbott leadership.

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