Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pauline Hanson: Source of allegations of 'Dodgy vote counting' by NSW Electoral Commission confronts court

Not to be denied the thrills and spill, a man who claims he is the source of allegations made against NSW Electoral Commission has fronted court to give evidence. The man whose real name is Sean Castle used a pseudonym ‘Michael Rattner’. when he first contacted Pauline Hanson with revelations of a 1,200 vote discrepancy in the NSW election count. It was claimed that the staff had miscounted the votes that should have been allocated to Pauline Hanson instead they were discarded as informal.

The allegation of "dodgy vote counting" comes on the back of the NSW Electoral Commission's refusal to publish the detailed below-the-line preference computer data-files which were used to tabulate the results of the March election.  Without access to this data it is impossible to verify the correctness and validity of the election count.

Public elections MUST be open and transparent if public confidence is to be maintained in the electoral process.  The failure of the NSW election commission to publish this data has and continues to bring the Commission into disrepute and leave then open to allegations of corruption.

The NSW Court case has been adjourned until next week

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