Thursday, June 9, 2011

Missing witness, missing votes and missing data - Please explain?

Missing Witness

Pauline Hanson's court case has suffered a set back as her star witness to allegations of corruption and dodgy electoral practices against the NSW Electoral Commission failed to show up in court.

Missing Votes

Pauline Hanson is challenging the integrity and results of the 2011 NSW State election in which Ian Brightwell has been implicated in claims that he had sent out a eMail alleging that 1,200 votes for Ms Hanson had been miscounted..

Missing Data

Could Ian Brightwell, please explain why the NSW EC has refused to publish details of the below-the-line preference data files that were used to determine the results of the NSW State upper house election?  This information should have been publicly available and subject to scrutiny?  The detailed preference file for the NSW Senate election have been published why not the State?  Without access to this data it is impossible to verify the integrity of the computer count.

The conduct of public elections must be open and transparent. The results of the NSW Election most certainly is not open or transparent. Why has the Commission refused to published the data file and subject it to public scrutiny? What does the NSW Electoral Commission have to hide?

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