Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hanson a victim of fraud. Yet NSW EC continues to deny access to BTL vote data

Pauline Hanson vote challenge has been derailed with evidence lead in court that the allegation of missing votes was fraudulent.  (ABC News).  Mr. Sean Castle, the man behind the fraudulent allegations is likely to face court costs associated with Hanson challenge after he admitted to faking the allegations but will escape public prosecution in return for goving evidence..

"Mr Castle, a father of three, was granted protection from prosecution before being compelled to answer questions relating to the purported Electoral Commission email.

Under questioning, he said "he had never received any email from the commission and that he had created it himself". He also admitted he has never known anyone who has worked for the Electoral Commission."

Notwithstanding Hanson's case the NSW Electoral commission still has failed to publish details of the Below-the-line election results which continue to bring the NSW EC into disrepute

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