Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Murdoch Press: Speculation of new leadership and new election

The Murdoch Press is actively campaigning against the Carbon Tax as a means of removing the ALP from office.

In an article published today in the Herald Sun and across the nation Murdoch is actively trying to undermine the government by suggesting that there could be a change in ALP leadership before the year is out. The Herald Sun has suggested that war horse Simon Crean, a minister in the Hawke-Keating Government, could take over from Gillard. This scenario is far from reality. Gillard would have to resign of her own accord before the ALP would seek a change in leadership at this time.

Gillard is the corner stone of the ALP minority government. Remove Gillard and the house collapses with key independents walking away from the agreement of support.

Should this happen the Liberal Party would seek a motion of no-confidence in the Government. If this was allowed to be successed then Abbott would assume control of the Parliament and immediately take action to force a double dissolution and fresh Parliamentary elections.

A double dissolution would not only see the Liberal party elected to office with a vast majority in the parliament, it would also oust the Greens from holding the balance of power in the Senate.

It is for this reason only that the ALP will not faultier in its resolve to keep Gillard in the top job. A forced early election would decimate the Labor Party and hand absolute power to an Abbott lead Liberal Government.

With growing speculation that the worlds economy is about to be hit by a second wave of economic turmoil the last thing Australia can afford is an Abbott Government. Should Abbott win an early election the economic situation will only get worst.

So concerned about our ecomomic future Victorians are no longer spending money which in itself is having a double impact on economic activity.

The message in the electorate is to brace yourself for harder times. work Choices will be back along with a cut un services and welfare support. Superannuation investments are also expected to take a dive along woth a collapse in housing prices with even more losses predicted in the near future.

We either ride out the storm or drown along with Murdoch.  The deadline for Murdochs plan to be put in action is before October and the agreemnt of Teslstra shareholders to support the Government's NBN.buyout

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