Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bound for South Australia

Victoria's "Shadow Puppert Master" Steve Tully, electoral commissioner, has resigned to return back to South Australia from where he came.

Tully was renowned for his monumental stuff up of the 2006 State election and his failure to ensure that public elections in Victoria were open and transparent and subject to proper scrutiny.

Steve Tully's ten year contact was up for renewal in 2015 with many predicting that it would not be renewed. Tully was left with the option of leaving now or face forced retirement in three years time. He choose to leave, taking up an offer to head South Australia's Health Complaints Commission.

The Victorian State Government should this opportunity to review and restructure the Victorian Electoral Commission transferring most of its functions and conduct of Public elections to the Australian Electoral Commission. The Victorian Electoral Commission should maintain a Secretariat that is responsible for policy development and oversight role only. Such a move would save Victoria 100s of millions of dollars in services and infrastructure that are essentially duplicated by the Australian Federal Electoral Commission.

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