Wednesday, March 28, 2012

VEC Niddrie count concluded. Greens came a distant third

The VEC has concluded its by election count but failed to publish an accurate 2CP result due to mistake in determining who would be the main font runners. The VEC had thought the last two candidates remaining would have been the ALP and the Greens. As was previously reported on election night independent Andria Surace out polled the Greens primary vote. Analysis of the registered HTV cards should have indicated that the Greens were not a serious contender for the seat. The VEC would have also known this fact earlier in the count when primary votes were recorded and using SMS technology or even a mobile phone could have directed staff to notionally distribute a 2CP throw based on real live data.

Link: VEC Results

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Luke Ledgerd said...

Move over Assange... Australia has room for another political refugee - only this time not from the US - from Australia.

That is the address of every party-affiliated local government politician to show you that their subcontractor and the state can not be trusted to implement electronic voting.

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