Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colin Barry Denies Dodgy Poll allegations

Colin Barry, NSW Chief Electoral Commissioner, has denied Pauline Hanson's allegations of electoral fraud.  Courier Mail by Kate Sikora.

"A day after the matter was in the Court of Dispute Returns, Electoral Commissioner Colin Barry issued a statement refuting the claims, made by Ms Hanson.

The claims surrounded two staff members, Ian Brightwell and Richard Carroll, who are alleged to have exchanged emails regarding errors in the count of votes for Ms Hanson, who lost a seat in NSW Parliament’s Upper House by 1300 votes.

"Nothing has been shown to me that suggests the allegation concerning the staff members has any substance,’’ Mr Barry said."

Meanwhile Colin Barry has failed to respond to an FOI request for copies of the computerised below-the-line preference data-files.  The Commissioner's refusal to publish this data continued to bring t6eh conduit of the Commission and Marches State Election into disrepute. 

NSWEC information Manager, Ian Brightwell, was quick to act in order to prevent the publication of the preference data files? The question remains unanswered is why? .

Copies of the Below-the-line data files are published by all other Electoral Commissions, Including the AEC NSW Senate count,  

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