Monday, May 16, 2011

Pauline Hanson wins rights of discovery motion on conduct of election.

Pauline Hanson, candidate in the 2011 NSW Legislative Council election, has been granted under a "notice of discovery" the right to obtain information pertaining to the conduct of the NSW Upper House election. Pauline Hanson failed to win a position in the NSW Legislative Council by less then 1,300 votes. 

"This is not just about Pauline Hanson, We should have a fair and just system in Australia and ensure all elections are above board.'' Pauline Hanson  told reporters.

Colin Barry, NSW Electoral Commissioner, has refused to make available or publish copies of the below the line preference data files used to calculate and determine the outcome of the election.

There is nothing in law that prevents details of the election results or the preference data file being published. It is a public document.

So why is Colin Barry refusing to make this information publicly available?

Copies of the preference data-files are published by other Electoral Commissions, including the NSW Senate vote conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission. 

It is essential that our election process is open and transparent
Without access to the data it is impossible to verify the correctness of validity of a computerised election count.  The content of the data file has not been subject to public scrutiny or review.There is no guarantees that it is a true and accurate record of the voters intentions.

Colin Barry's refusal to make this information available has and continues to bring the NSW election into disrepute.

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