Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Corruption Allegations Against NSW Electoral Commission

Pauline Hanson, Former leader of One Nation, has alleged that she was denied election at the 2011 NSW State election as a result of corruption in the way the count has been counted.  This raises serious concern about the conduct of the election itself and the ability of its Chief Commissioner Colin Barry.  The NSW Commission has also come under criticism for failing to publish the detailed results of the election.  It is crucial that elections are open and transparent in order to maintain public confidence.  Colin Barry's has failed in both accounts.  Elections in Australia are no longer open or transparent. The commission's refusal to release detailed elections results only undermines public confidence even further.  Colin Barry';s approach is to deny access to crucial evidence and information.  This is not the way to proceed.  The NSW State government must insist in a full independent audit of the commissions management and practices.  If Colin Barry is unable or unwilling to ensure that elections are open and transparent then he should resign or be dismissed.

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