Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ian Brightwell raises questions as to integrity of NSW poll

Ian Brightwell, Information manager for the NSW Electoral Commission, has been implicated as a source of information in allegations of dodgy staff (Australian Newspaper)

When contacted by The Australian for comment, Mr Brightwell hung up the phone.

Ian Brightwell is the same person we spoke to in seeking to gain access to the recorded "Below-the-line" preference data-files  Mr Brightwell was very evasive and refused to publish the data files.  Data that is normally published by other Electoral Commissions as a mater of course.

Why the secrecy and coverup?  Could there be some truth and fact behind the allegation of dodgy staff involved in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and the validity of the election?

Why is crucial information such as the BTL data-files not being made available? Why is the NSW Electoral Commision engaged in a act of avoidance?

The Australian news article  says the Electoral Commission is investigating the allegations.  This is akin to the fox being put in charge of the investigation of the raid on the hen house.

The NSW Electoral Commission must be subjected to a full independent inquiry with the allegations of corruption investigated independently from the Commission itself.  The investigation needs to also look into the question as to why the Commission is refusing to publishers details of the election results.

If, as suggested, there is wrong doing in the way the NSW election has been conducted then Colin Barry, Chief Electoral Commissioner should be removed from office.

It is fundamental that the public have full confidence in the Electoral process and that public elections are open and transparent.

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