Thursday, December 2, 2010

CRIKEY! MayneReport misleading readers

Stephen Mayne published a twitter comment claiming that he was still in the lead for Northern Metropolitan Region before the VEC pulled the tally from publication.

MayneReport 3:16pm via web
Green vote up to 18.14% after 1st 4000 absentee votes counted - not a good sign. Cuts lead over Greens to just 137, although need small win.
 The fact is Mayne was trailing the Greens by 120 votes ,  What Mayne was relying on in making his claim of course is ABC Analyst Antony Green's Calculator which is seriously left wanting at this stage of the cont.  What Green's Calculator does not take into consideration is the 309 votes attributed to independent Adrian Whitehead.  Whiteheads preferences follow his ticket and flow on to the Greens. When you take this into account Mayne is 120 vote behind the Greens surplus and as such he is eliminated from the count at an earlier stage and does not benefit from the Greens vote which has he survived would have topped him up.

The VEC has pulled the published results from its web site and now the count starts again as we are forced to wait without any comparison for the count to progress. 

Meanwhile Dr William Bowe has once again unjustly banned commentators from speaking out and informing Crikey's readers that Mayne was in fact behind.  It is unclear if We was acting under directions or just acting in plain bias to prevent open public discussion as the count progresses to the most crucial stage.Stephen Mayne was the founder of

Meanwhile just before the the VEC pulled the curtain down on the election results, Stephen Mayne reported that the DLP was showing to be in a winning position in Western Victoria. Something we can not verify as the data is not longer available.   Someone really need to take a serious look at the way the VEC conducts its business.  The AEC is by far a more professional run organization.  One has to wonder why we have two organisation that basically do the same task.  That's two organizations with duplicated staff and resources.  Millions of dollars wasted , Millions that could be saved by having just one competent professional independent electoral authority..

MayneReport 8:01pm via web
Bizarre developments in the upper house count today. VEC briefly tipped a DLP win in Western Vic and then pulled all primary counts offline.
 Bizarre is an understatement, Incompetent is probably more accurate

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