Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Western Metro: ALP needs 15% or more of Sex Party BTL Preferences

As the election count comes to an end, Western Metropolitan is shaping up to be within a bees whisker for the second state election in a row.  The ALP has lost over half a quota support since 2006.

With total of 443130 votes recorded (42645 Formal and 20485 Informal votes) EOS's funded Sex Party's below-the-line preferences will determine the outcome of the fifth position in a fight between Labor's Bob Smith and Greens' Colleen Hartland. 

The ALP needs a drift of at least 15% of Sex Party's below-the-line preferences to swing away from the Greens to prevent Greens' Hartland from retaining her seat. This is within the realms of possibility as up to 25% of a given party is known to not follow the party's how to vote recommendations.

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