Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Midday VEC Tally Summary

The below table is a summary of data published by the VEC for the lower-house and the upper-house.  Then information is a tabulation of the total vote (Formal + informal) counted by the VEC as of noon December 7, 2010.  It is not the a trabuation of the voting center declaration returns which the VEC has failed to provide.  There are a number of ballot papers that are still to be counted and some have gone missing,  Without access to the polling place returns and the reconciliation report the full extent of the number of ballots waiting to be counted and or missing can not be ascertained.

Comparison Summary Table
Council Assembly
Region Difference Total Total
Eastern Metropolitan Region 5373 392675 398048
Eastern Victoria Region 4781 423974 428755
Northern Metropolitan Region 75835 325025 400860
Northern Victoria Region 3931 396737 400668
South Eastern Metropolitan Region 62466 348323 410789
Southern Metropolitan Region 14268 372845 387113
Western Metropolitan Region 8118 434916 443034
Western Victoria Region 2254 435830 438084

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