Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mayne Edges Forward - Split in Religious Unity - Towards Victory

With an additional 10,000 votes added to the Tally corporate attack dog, Stephen Mayne, has moved forward 200 votes to just over 1,000 theoretical vote lead in the race to the firth spot.

In what is an extraordinarily well placed set of preferences Mayne picks up Group A preferences which put him above the Greens No. 2 Candidate, who when  excluded from the count leap frogs over Family First Whose votes flow on to Mayne instead of the DLP and Christian Party, on what some might say is a division of faith. Catholic versus Evangelists.

Normally the three Christian Parties preference each other but not in this case. Mayne has manged to divide them and come up trumps. Mayne with the Support of Family First out-polls the combined vote of the DLP and Fred Niles Christian Party who then add to Mayne's snowballing total eventually out-polling the ALP's Nathan Murphy who when excluded goes on to elect Mayne to the fifth spot

It's still early and there are an anticipated 50,000 votes to be added into the pool, mainly from the inner city regions, which hopefully will pickup the Greens' overall vote.  If they can secure over 1.10 quotas the Mayne juggernaught may come to a crashing halt early on in the count in which case the Liberal Party will elect a second canidate to represent the Northern Metropolitan and in doing so will give the LNP Coalition absolute control of the Victorian Upperhouse.

If Mayne survives the count  this will be a one for the history books that will exclipse Family First's preference deal that saw Stephen Fielding with just 2% primary support elected to the Victorian Senate in 2004 .  Mayne has just 1.02% primary support.

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