Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Question to Antony Green? "How do you have the greens as being favorite to win Western Metro when you yourself have stated that Sex Party Below-the-line votes coming to the Greens is not likely to follow thoer ticket?"

The VEC has not provided a summary table of the polling centres declarations or a tally of the totle number of ballot papers issued and returned. Unless you have access to this information and knows what is outstanding you can not make any assumption at this stage of the count. In 2006, 500 ballot papers went missing between Count A and Count B. Data-files were deleted and no backups made, thus preventing detailed independent analysis of the election results.

The Election process is not open and transparent. The process embarked by the VEC is akin to watching a man put a ball under one of three shells and then shuffling the shells, Unless he lifts the shell and show you where the ball is you will never know.

The VEC need to provide much more information to ensure the process is open and transparent then it has to date. As it stands it would be rather easy for an electoral official to enter incorrect data, as was the case back in 2006. Without access to the data-files there is no way in which the election count can be verified. Hopefully the VEC will not destroy the data files this time around, and backup copies will be made and published

Posted by: democracyATwork | December 07, 2010 at 03:39 PM

The comments that [Antony Green] has censored are facts that can be readily verified in reading the reports published by the Victorian State Parliament review of the 2006 State election (See Hansard) and the VEC count sheets. All public documents. If you like I can make them available to you, but I thought you would have known this already. Given that Western Metro and Northern Metro were both the subject of a controversial recount in 2006. Copies of the below-the-line preference data pertaining to Count A were not published. The Chief Commissioner in his evidence to the parliamentary committee on response to a request for copies of the data-files stated that the data-files had been deleted/overwritten and that backup copies were not available. without this information it was impossible to properly scrutinise the count.

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