Thursday, December 2, 2010

VEC takes Northern Metropolitan results off-line raising concern of another stuff up

December 2, 2010 18:30

The Victorian Electoral Commission has just taken the results for Northern Metropolitan off-line whilst they chech the valiadity of data published.  Why the data has to be removed whilst a recheck is in progress in unkown.

UPDATE: All upperhouse voting results have been withdrawn from publication undermining public confidence in the VEC management of the election.


Northern Metropolitan Region is being Rechecked. Recheck results for Northern Metropolitan Region will be available at the Victorian Electoral Commission website when completed.

It raises concern that the VEC may have stuffed up in the count or that votes have gone missing.  Removing the results from on-line only undermines confidence in the VEC's count with many remembering the stuff-ups the VEC made in the 2006 State election count where data was incorrecty tabulated, with viotes going missing from count A to Count B and preference data-files deleated without backups.

Scrutineers are reporting that the VEC has also refused to make available reconcillation reports showing the number of ballot papers issues and received back. Without access to this information scutineers are left in the dark as to what is out-standing or missing from the count.  The VEC should have collected this information on Sunday as this information is contained in the voting centre delartaions.  The only data that should be outstanding is the number of postal votes still in the mail, even then the VEC should be able to trace these votes using the Australia Post bar-coding system.

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