Thursday, December 2, 2010

Divine intervention. Greens out-poll Mayne 120 votes ahead

In an expected turn around latest count data has the Greens 120 votes ahead of Stephen Mayne's Group C. 

Corporate Australia sighs a sigh of relief as Mayne faces defeat for the n'th time.

ABC Analyst, Antony Greens' calculator has not factored in Adrian Whitehead's preferences, which we are told all flow to the Greens giving them the winning margin.  With Mayne out of contention the Liberal Party are likely to be the victor in the race to the last position against ALPs Nathan Murphy.  Liberal, Craig Ondarche, is currently 6,800 votes ahead of Murphy with an estimated 40,000 votes to go the ALP would have to pick the Lyon's share of votes outstanding to be in contention. Some say it is possible but the odds are against Murphy at this stage.

If the Liberal Party win the fifth Northern Metropolitan  seat  the LNP coalition will have an absolute majority on both houses.

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