Friday, December 3, 2010

VEC Refuses to provide information on the number of votes issued

In an extraordinary show of incompetence and lack of professionalism the Victorian Electoral Commission was unable to provide a list of ballot papers issued and received back for each voting centre. Anxious candidates and scrutineers are being left in the dark with an indication that 10,000's of votes have gone missing or unaccounted for.

A tally of the voting center ruined should have Eben available back on saturday and registered by the Commission and made available to scrutineers on Sunday but the VEC has no idea and are  one wee later still not able to provide any indication as to how many ballot papers have been issued and how many have been returned.

Pre-polling closed last Friday as did postal votes. This is akin to a bank manager saying you have an account but they can not tell you the balance of the account.  

The counting process is far from being open and transparent if scrutineers are not able to monitor the progress of the count and be assured that ballot papers have not been left out deliberately or by mistake.

Not even Anthony Green ABC eleVctoral analysis can provide any data as to what's outstanding.

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