Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tully's non Transparent Tally

More and more reports are coming in that the Victorian Electoral Commission is refusing to provide crucial information and statistics on the election count.  Keeping scrutineers and candidates in the dark. The VEC is unable to provide information as to the number of ballot papers issued and pretend.  They also will not provide copies of the coral below the line preference data files.  Without access this information the validity of the election can not be ascertained. Steve tully appears to have something to hide as the conduct of  Victoria's election is no longer open and transparent.  Hidden away in cyberspace.

Comment from Scrutineers include:
  • "Trying to get the information.  VEC refusing to provide access to copies of data files. No information on the number of ballot papers issued"
  • "There were no data files available upon repeated requests, VEC were not going to hand anything over"
  • "Trying to get hold of Nick Rees now"

In 2006 Steve Tully falsely claimed that no one has requested access to this information.  This is clearly not the case in 2010.  The information requested should have been readily available and in not providing it the VEc has once again brought the conduct of the election into disrepute.  Without access to this data it is impoossbile to scrutinise an electronic count

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