Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Analysis: Antony Green's outdated analysis based on 2006 data using 2010 preferences

Looks like Antony Green's getting sloppy and lazy as the days go bye. His latest attempt at analysing the likely Legislative Council outcome based on the registered Group voting tickets  was seeded using the 2006 vote. Something that Poll Bludger, Dr. William Bowe, did not pickup on.His previous analysis failed to take into consideration the absentee, postal and pre poll data. (Little wonder why he did not pick up on the fact that the 2007 Queensland Senate vote elected the wrong candidate. Larissa Waters missed out innin g a seat as a result of how the vote was counted. Green  was too lazy to do the analysis. Not to foget his false and miselading evidence to the Australian Paliamentary review committee estimate at the time it would take to modidy the AEC counting proceedures - and he is on the ABC pay gravy train)

ABC Antony Green's Projected Legislative Counci (sic) Preference Ticket results

Old Council 19 15 2 3 1 40
Green's Predicted New Council 18 16 3 3 .. 40

Our summary based on the Senate vote prediction for the upper house

Eastern Metropolitan 2 2(3) 1(0)
Eastern Victoria 2 3
Northern Metropolitan 3(2) 1(2) 1
Northern Victoria 2 3
South Eastern 3 2
Southern Metropolitan 1 3 1
Western Metropolitan 3 1 1
Western Victoria 2 2 1
Total18 (17) 17(19) 5(4)

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