Monday, November 15, 2010

Liberals bow down to members pressure and save Victoria from Gang Greens

Source: The Age

THE Liberal Party will direct preferences to Labor ahead of the Greens at the state election, virtually destroying the minor party's chances of winning seats in the lower house and seizing the balance of power in Victoria.

Liberal heavyweights including Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu, party president David Kemp and state director Tony Nutt last night resolved to ''put the Greens last'' in all 88 lower house seats".

The shock move means Labor is almost guaranteed to retain a suite of inner-Melbourne seats it feared would fall to the Greens, and reduces to almost zero the prospect of the election producing a hung parliament.

The decision to put the Greens last will boost Ted Baillieu standing in the electorate.

Bronwyn Pike is now the only seat under question but the vote is now back in her court with the game still in play

 Table below Source Poll Bludger


2006 STATE
Melbourne 45% 27% 22% 48% 40%
Richmond 46% 25% 20% 46% 39%
Brunswick 48% 30% 17% 45% 40%
Northcote 53% 27% 15% 42% 37%
Melbourne 36% 37% 22% 57% 49%
Richmond 39% 37% 20% 55% 48%
Brunswick 46% 31% 19% 48% 41%
Northcote 46% 33% 17% 49% 42%

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