Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Age: If in Doubt Vote Labor

Today's Melbourne Sunday Age editorial has indicated that they will not endorse any party on next weeks State election but if push came to shove they would support Labor ahead of the Coalition.

In its editorial  the Sunday  states "Predominantly, the job of a state government is to deliver services."..

Voters expect services to be delivered efficiently, cost-effectively and without much fuss, so they can get on with living in what is a pleasant and prosperous state.
This is the real issue that underpins Victoria's decision next week,  It is not Gay Marriage as Greens Candidate for Melbourne, Brian Walters, a single issue candidate goes on about.  It's about jobs, security and services.

The Sunday Age proposes the rhetorical question and provides the answer "So, why not throw them out? Well, because Labor offers a competent managerial government"

In summary its states.

The Sunday Age will endorse neither party. If we were put up against a wall, we would say, maybe Labor ..."

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