Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Greens Preference to deliver control of upper house to Liberal party

The Greens are desperate to en sure that the Liberal Party Direct preferences to them in inner city seats that they plan to cut a preference deal to deliver the Liberal party control of the upper house.

The Greens will  try and hide this fact by issuing a Split Ticket claiming that the spit ticket will be fair and neither favours the Liberal Party or the ALP.  This is a lie. A direct cover up.  A split ticket will ensure that the Liberal Party will win three seats in Southern Metropolitan upper house seat.   Like is a spit ticket would also deliver the Liberal party top three additional upper house seats.

Party Group voting tickets close on Sunday 12:00 noon

The Greens are actively trying to cover up  this disclosure as is evident by William Bowe's and others (including Antony Green) denial .

In Southern Metro the Greens are expected to secure upto 19% of the vote and pick up preferences along the way at the point of exclusion the Greens will be on 0.45 quota, the LNP 0.80 quota and the ALP 0.75 quota. A Greens split ticket would deliver the LNP the final fifth seat.

Update: Senior Liberal members who met today are so concerned about the possibility of a 1999 hung parliament with the Greens holding the balance of power that they are considering handing out their own how to vote card in defiance with their own party's direction.  They are backed by a number of other groups who are opposed to the Greens policies such as legalised drug taking and  gay marriage.

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