Monday, November 15, 2010

Green's ABC Calculator redundant and useless, Providing false readings

Green's Calculator Missing Cogs.  Information and timing out, in urgent need of repair

Following on from the Liberal Party's bold statement of principle to put the Greens last has made Antony Green, ABC election guru's calculator obsolete.

The calculations Antony Green has relied on are no longer valid.  Like wise his upper-house assessment of the Party Group voting tickets are based on the 2006 election results.  Green would have been better applying the Senate calculations to his analysis.  The problem is his Senate figures are also out as they do not include postal, absentee and pre-poll votes.  Green needs to go back and rethink and rework his predictions.  The ABC also must pull the calculator from its website until Green has made the necessary adjustments.  To leave it unfixed will just bring the ABC into further disrepute.

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