Friday, November 26, 2010

Green campaigners unaware of Green policy opposing Clearway in Prahran

In an extraordinary display of ignorance Green Campaigner Workers handing out How to vote cards in Prahran were misleading voters about Greens policy of Opposition to Clearway on Toorak Road and Malvern Roads.

Campaign Worker Don Kerr, who had taken off two weeks from work to help hand out for the Greens, when asked why the Greens opposed Clearways said they were not.

Shock horror!! It turns out that the Greens in Prahran electorate in fact do oppose the establishment of Clearways, but they have not been forthcoming with wanting to share this information with the concerned voter.

Public transport users are outrage as are local residents who have to put up with excessive traffic congestion and pollution. Many voters were dismayed to learn that the reason behind the Green's Prahran branches opposition to clearways is that they want traffic congestion as they are of the view that this will force people back onto public transport. Forget logic and the fact that Trams travelling down Toorak and Malvern Roads are excessively delayed in the road congestion due to the lack of clearways.

Public Transport users are angry as they were of the belief that the Greens were about wanting to improve access to public transport not oppose it.

Thousands of constituents that use public transport in Prahran should think twice about voting Green tomorrow knowing that they spend 15 minutes longer then necessary caught in traffic because of the Greens anti-public transport policy.

There appears to be a clear conflict of policy between the central branch policy and the local branch. The Prahran Greens have joined forces with the Liberal party and the Local Traders association who with the support of the Stonnington Council have engaged in a campaign of deceit and lies about clearways in the hope of attracting support and preferences for Liberal Candidate Clem Newton-Brown.

Both Clem and his mother were handing out How to vote cards all day outside the Prahran pre-polling booth as commuters trapped in the afternoon peak hour traffic were delayed further by Clem's flotilla of Mini Minor bill board towing advertisements.

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Anonymous said...

When it comes to reducing environmental impact, moving people efficiently and providing people with transport, public transport is good and the private car is just less suitable. Sitting on a tram stuck in traffic however achieves none of these ends.

One parked car blocks a lane more than a stream of moving cars. It can cause chaos. When you get a shopping strip where many motorists expect to park on a main road, traffic not only has to deal with dodging parked cars. It also has to deal with people sauntering along trying to find a park or trying to do an awkward reverse park or similar manouvre bank onto the road. With Melbourne stubbornly allowing parking major shopping streets, the result is chaos.

If you're in a private car, you can easily avoid major shopping strips. You just alter your route. The same is not true for public transport. Melbourne's shopping strips have developed along the tram lines so trams just can't avoid the chaos.

Allowing parking on arterial roads decreases the number of people who can travel through. It encourages people to drive themselves so that they can avoid the chaos.

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