Friday, November 26, 2010

Victoria faces Cliff Hanger Nail Biting Election Outcome

The Herald Sun has reported a Galaxy Poll showing the 50/50 two party preferred support for Labor and Liberal  and a Primary vote  of Labor 36% to Coalition's 44%. and the Greens on 14%

The Opposition is on track to win at least an 10 seats from the Government falling 3 seats shgort from the needed 13 seats to in government in its on right.

The results of the poll Indicate a possible hung parliament with the Greens holding the balance of power should they win to or more seats from the Government in Inner City electorates. The decsion of the Liberal party to place the Greens last on its how to vote cards may yet be a barrier too high for the Greens to climb.

In weighing up the pro and cons of the two major parties the Herald Sun  has followed in the footsteps of its Sunday papers and endorsed the re-election of a Brumby Labor Government warning of the financial; impact of the Green policies

The Herald Sun in forming its assessment and recommendation of endorsement noted that
Mr Brumby runs government as he might run a business. He is capable. The Government is effective. 
... The Herald Sun endorses the re-election of John Brumby and the Labor Government for a record fourth term

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