Saturday, November 20, 2010

Greens unscientific Scare mongering about Bayside Armageddon proven to be a lie.

In the lead up to the 2006 State election the Greens campaigned in opposition to the dredging of the bay to allow shipping to Melbourne's ports.

The sacre campaign engaged by the greens has proved dot be false. The Bay has survived and there is no monumental environmental impact caused by the Bay dredging project.

Sen-Constable Patrick Stainthorpe and Constable Amanda Spittal
survey Sandringham beach. Pictures: JASON SAMMON.
Bay-side expert Dr. Graham Harris, who led a four-year study on the bay in the 1990s, has released his findings after examining the 50-chapter environmental effects statement on the Channel Deepening Project. Dr Harris said some of his initial fears were allayed by the environmental study, which he described as "not a bad document". He was no longer concerned about changes in tide, sea level or wave height or the risks of more exotic species invading.

"I am also of the opinion that the potential effects of oil spills, noise, lights at night, aesthetics, etc, are also not major and will be of short-term impact," said Dr Harris, the former head of CSIRO land and water division.
You can fool some of the people all the time., all of the people some of the time BUT you can not fool all of the people all the time.

The Greens in 2006 sought to capitalise on the Community fear that their beach would become a barren sea-scape. Not true. More lies.

Voters of Sandringham, Brighton and Port Phillip will think twice before they trust the Greens again. 

The Greens of course have tried to blame some of the tide shifting sands on Melbourne's beaches on the Bay Dredging, but environmental reviews have found that shifting sands are a normal occurrences due to tidal movements that have existed in the bay for centuries certinaly ever since records have been kept. There has been no adverse impact on te bay caused by the dreging of the entrance to the bay.

Now that the Greens scare mongering has been exposed the question is will voters of Melbourne's Bay-side communities be duped a second time into supporting the Greens.

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Anonymous said...

And the Channel deepening project was delivered $200m under budget and 4 months ahead of schedule. Great project, can't believe the greens opposed. Did the Liberals decide on a position in the end? They were against it, but i'm sure they're retrospectively supportive given what a success it's been

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