Thursday, November 11, 2010

Green breached ABC charter

ABC Electoral Analyst, Anthony Green, continues to edit out and censor discussion and debate on our electoral system, leaving him and then ABC open to allegations of bias and failing to fulfil the ABC charter and responsibilty to provide free open discussion of public interest.

More examples of information that Antony Green refuses to publish. All factual and all of public interest

Segmentation was designed to facilitate a manual count.

There is no rational or logic supporting the continuation of segmentation of the vote.

If a candidate is excluded from the count then their votes should be redistributed as of that candidate had not stood.

This is best achieved by restarting the count and redistributing all the votes on teh excludion of any candidate from the count.

The only distribution should be primary votes and surplus distributions.

If all position are not filled in a single oetraton of the count then the candidate with the lowest vote should be excluded and the count reset and recounted. (the Iteration) the process of oternation continueing until all positions are fillied in a single iteration.

A reiterative count also allows for a reduction in the quota as a result of exhausted ballot papers. (Votes that do not record a preference for a continuing candidate) as the quota is recalculated. The method of segmentation seriously distorts the proportionality and results of the election.

If you recount the Queensland 2007 Senate vote excluding all candidates other than the last seven standing (3 ALP, 3 LNP and 1 Grn) then Larrisa Waters would have been elected. The reason she was not elected is due to the method of segmentation. It is outdated an not necessary. With the aid of a computer count a reiterative count is easily.

with the aid of a scomputerised countomng system there is no excuse for not implementing a reiterative counting system. It is simpler, more accurate and more refective of the voters intentions.

Antony Green thinks that the public is too stupid and cannot digest this information and as such he prevents this issue from being openly debated.

It is not the role in the ABC or antony Green to decide what should be discussed and what should be restricted information. I thought we lived in a free democratic society) The ABC is there to facilitate public debate and open discourse. there is not justofcation for the ABC to prevent the publication of this information.

Information should be freely available and the reader and public should then be able to make an informed decision.

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