Sunday, November 14, 2010

Southern Metro:DLP preference - anti Jewish pro-Catholic

The DLP in Southern metropolitan has displayed what could be seen as a anti Jewish vote. The referenced through the Christan Alliance (Family First, Fred Nile) With Vern Hughes in the middle, stopping off at the Independent then to John Lenders. Lenders will never see the vote under the existing counting rules as he will have been already elected by the time the DLP is eliminated from the count.  Instead of flowing down the ALP ticket the DLP jumped straight to the Liberal Party number three candidate George Crozier who is only Liberal candidate remaining at this stage in the count.

The DLP will be lucky to poll 2% in Southern Metro but they ill pick up votes from Fred Nile and Vern Hughes which will see them above Family First.  They will stop on 5%.  and will be eliminated at which time the Liberal Party's George Crozier will be elected.

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