Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poll: Victoria facing a Hung Parliament with Greens holding the balance of power

Greens could hold the balance of power - Threatening Victoria's economic stability

The Herald Sun reports

VICTORIA may be heading for a hung parliament with the polls tightening sharply as the Brumby government's support slips.

The latest polls show the Ted Baillieu led-Coalition is winning support with its strong attacks on 11 years of Labor government and its shoddy service delivery.

Voter anger about the myki debacle, fears about law and order, frustration with public transport and rising household bills are hurting Premier John Brumby with Labor's led falling to 51:49 in two-party preferred terms in the latest Australian Newspoll - from 52:48 last month.

Only two weeks out from the election this could leave the Greens as kingmakers.

Despite a decline in its primary support, the Greens are on track to win at least two Lower House seats.

Labor has won back some support that had leaked to the Greens

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