Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pike and Wynne secure "the donkey' advantage

Pike, Wynne score top spot on ballot paper

Source ABC
There has been a surprise boost for the re-election campaigns of two state Labor ministers.

Both Melbourne MP Bronwyn Pike and the member for Richmond, Richard Wynne, have drawn the top spot on their ballot paper.

Studies suggest being first on a ballot can increase a candidate's vote by as much as one per cent.

Ms Pike, the Education Minister, holds Melbourne by a slim margin of just two per cent. She is under threat from Greens candidate Brian Walters, a well-known barrister. Mr Wynne, the Housing Minister holds Richmond by just 3.6 per cent. He is standing against a strong group of candidates including local businessman Tom McFeely for the Liberals, local councillor Stephen Jolly and Kathleen Maltzahn for the Greens.

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