Sunday, November 14, 2010

SEX Party swings to Liberals: Labor tipped to lose a seat

Preference deals and the SEX PARTY, DLP, FAMILY FIRST, CHRISTIANS, CIVIL SOCIETY in Southern Metropolitan will deliver a third upper-house seat to the Liberal Party placing Labor in the doubtful column for winning to seats.

Analysis of Southern Metropolitan Group voting tickets shows

[A] SEX PARTY: >  Vern Huges > Liberal
[B] DLP:> Christian (Fred Nile) > Vern Huges > Family First > Independent >Liberal  
[C] FAMILY FIRST:> Christian (Fred Nile) > Vern Huges > DLP >Independent >Liberal
[D] CHRISTIAN PARTY:>  DLP > Family First > Liberal
[E] CIVIL SOCIETY (Mayne):> Independent > Sex > DLP > Family First > Greens > Christian (Fred Nile) > Liberal
[F] GREENS:> Civil Society (Mayne) > Sex > Labor
[G] LIBERAL: > Family First > DLP > Christian (Fred Nile) > Vern Huges > Sex > Independent > Labor
[H] LABOR:> Greens > Sex > Vern Huges > independent > DLP

Prediction Liberal: 3, Labor: 1, Greens: 1

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