Monday, November 8, 2010

Poll Bludger Goes Green

Crikey has become so Green they are now banning people that are critical of the Greens.

Having been unjustly banned for the duration of the campaign and for posting anti Greens sentiments and anti Greens slogans (It get no more bias then that). My crime using bold emphasis in posting (If Dr William Bowe does not support or allow bold posting then he should remove that feature or at least be consistent in his moderation).

The truth is that Dr William Bowe does not like or welcome criticism of the Greens, disgraced ex "Drunk" Senator  Andrew Bartlet or ABC "Analysts" Antony Green.  (Green tea Leaf readers are welcomed to put scorn on the Pollys they are fair game - so the same rules to not apply) So as restore the democratic rights and freedom of speech we have set to this blog to shadow Poll Bludger.

Poll bludger went down hill when it lost it;s independence and joined Crikey.

Please note we will not tolerate blatant abusive racist or vilification comments on this blog.  But if you have a comment to make on the polls n discussion your welcomed to post with bold head lines to emphasise your point.

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