Thursday, November 25, 2010

Calls for Clem Newton Brown to commit to removing Tolls on City Link

Inner City residents of Prahran and South Yarra are concerned about the environmental and economic impacts of traffic congestion. Local traffic has gotten worst since the construction of the City Link toll way with no solutions in sight.

Thn Stonnington Council and Liberal Party candidate for Prahran, Clem Newton Brown, have come under fire for opposing Clear way restrictions along Toorak and Malvern Roads. The traffic just backs up as motorist seek alternate routs to avoid paying the City Link Toll, said one resident, The backed up traffic is making life worst as noise pollution and smog increases.

Residents say they do not go shopping during the peak hour period as traffic moves at a snails pace. The establishment of a clear way during peak hour times would free up traffic and public transport movement and would reduce the stress residents are currently under.

Contrary to the City of Stonington's claims a clear way would also be good for local retails outlets as customers would be able to get to their shops. 

If Clem Newton Brown wanted to help residents and traders he should commit to removing the Tolls on City link which his party, when in Government, imposed on the area. The removal of the City Link Tolls would free up traffic from local street and the burden on inner city living

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