Saturday, November 20, 2010

Avoiding the debate on costings: Liberal's cowardly backdown a free kick to Labor

Liberal aspirant and shadow treasurer, Kim Wells has retreated from a commitment for a debate with Labor's Treasurer, John Lenders.  Whilst the economy is not high in the polls on issues the fact remains that the economy is the heart of any government as its financial management.  The Brumby government has done extraordinarily well in terms of managing Victoria's finances.  We are in the best position then any other state in Australia and we do not have a mining resource boom.

The Liberal party has been throwing promises at the electorate as though there is no limit to the amount that Victoria can spend. Anything to get the voters in bed and to support the opposition.

John Brumby in response to the Liberal Party's black hole on costings claim said "There is a massive budget black hole in the Opposition's costings,They don't have a clear idea about what projects cost."
Little wonder why the Liberal party do not want a public debate on Financial management. Small target, lavish promises is all about winning office.  One elected they can worry about the finer details.  In the meantime Victoria is unable to make an informed decision without the debate.

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