Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gremlins at work on Crikey: Poll Bludger Green Tea Leaf Readers Downing in Sorrow and Ignorant Bliss

The poorly maintained and designed Poll Bludger blog on Crikey leftist online notice board as been hit by a index problem. Cross linking of posts.

Poll Bludger godfather, Dr William Bowe, says "there is nothing he can do. They will just have to live with it."

There is a lot of noise and rising temperature as the Green Tea Leaf Readers, with nothing better to do, continue to preach to the converted to reinforce their belief that the world is coming to an end and that the Greens are seen as the saviours ushering in the dawn of Aquarius.

Most of the comments logged on the blog have little or nothing to do with the election let alone the polls that doctoral student William Bowe publishes.

The slightest shift in Labor or Liberal percentages gets them speculating on the cause of the shift - was it due to magnetic alignment or global warming,

Not once has there been a real discussion about our electoral system or democracy in Australia. Whilst the massing commentators are quick to enter into a chant over a half of a percent drop in the polls for Labor not one dared to mention or highlight that the latest poll showed a 25% drop in Greens support.

Looks like the Green Tea Leaf Readers see what they want to see in the polls and ignore the facts and statistic when its staring them in the cup.   The Poll Bludger site has become a trendy somewhat boring online equivalent of lane bar full of University majors and social rejects who want drugs legalised and Gay Marriage for stranded whales. Many probably do not realise they are commenting on a thread that is not the current thread. The conversation continues as does the social experiment in futility.

Instructions on how to read the polls as reflected in a Green Tea (Loose) Leaf cup ready for comment and publication on Poll Bludger

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