Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clem's Signs: Clogging up the Streets of Prahran

Clem Newton-Brown's road clogging advertising
Clem Newton-Brown, Liberal Candidate for the State Lower house seat of Prahran, has engaged a number of trike "advertising bikes" to help sell his message. As if the traffic in Prahran is not bad enough.

Clem (who, contrary to the rumors, is not the love child of Bob Brown and Bert Newton) has not yet door knocked his electorate, although he has been seen loitering around the pedestrian crossing outside the Prahran Market on weekends.

Clem has decided to jump on the bandwagon and is campaigning on trying to stop the clear ways being introduced in Toorak Road has outraged residents of his electorate with his road clogging signs with calls for Trike mobile advertising to be banned under the road and traffic act

Whilst there are some traders who think the clear ways are not good for business the fact is neither are clogged up roads. Locals as well as commuter traffic are affected by the slow moving peak hour traffic. As any local will tell you they avoid shopping during the peak hour period as the congestion on the roads is so bad that it makes shopping in peak hour somewhat difficult if not impossible. It has nothing to do with getting a car park in on the main street, its getting there.  To add to the problem locals have to put up with increased traffic noise and pollution as the traffic inches along at a snail pace.

Whilst most people find clear ways a nuisance, at times annoying, the fact is they are good for local business and locals alike.

Of course if Clem really wanted to do something for the electorate he hopes to represent he could fight to have the tolls on the Monash freeway removed from the section between the City and Burwood. He could also do something about noise abatement along the rail lines in his electorate.

Somehow I think the message sent to the electorate by his road cluttering Trikes is sending the wrong message to help his campaign.

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