Thursday, November 25, 2010

Greens Bayside Development Threat

The Victorian Greens plan to force high density housing development along Melbourne's Bayside Southern Metropolitan costal regions in order to stop the urban sprawl.  Secret files show that the Cities of Albert Park, St Kilda. Brighton, Elwood and Sandringham will all come under a proposed state planning control allowing high density development along Melbourne's coastal region serviced by public transport.

The Greens public policy has failed to disclose this information as they are concerned that there could  be a backlash by the electorate if this information leaked. A Greens spokesperson, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said that the Greens wanted to down play their urban planning policy in the lead up to the State election to be held this Saturday.

There is real concern that property prices will go through the roof as planning restrictions on high density development are lifted. All new developments would have to meet strict environmental standards in order to obtain planning exemption on height limits and density. The  Greens planning strategist said that high density development along the coastline was the only means of stopping Melbourne's urban sprawl and accommodating its expected population growth by 2010. The proposed Bayside developmentplanning mix will also accomodate public housing for low income residents. Heritage overlays would be lifted to faciliate new deveopments.

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