Monday, November 22, 2010

Nielsen Poll 53:47 to coalition. Majority Coalition voters support gay marriage

GhostWhoVotes reports a federal Nielsen poll published in the Age shows the Coalition, unchanged on last month.

In Victoria, federal Labor is leading the Coalition 53-47 per cent in two-party terms - Labor's best rating on the mainland.

Labor's national primary vote is up one point to 35 per cent, which is 3 points under its election day vote. The Coalition is steady on 43 per cent, while the Greens are down 1 to 13 per cent.

The poll also shows support for gay marriage at 57 per cent and opposition at 37 per cent.

51% Coalition voters were against legalising Gay Marriage - with 42 per cent in favour.

Anyone reading Twitter would think that Gay Marriage was the main issue of this election. Its not, it hardly rates on the political agenda as an issue that changes votes.  It is only an issue voiced by a vocal minority.

The real issue is jobs, economy and services. Same sex partnerships have the same legal rights under law the only thing missing the the white wedding and certificate that says marriage.

Civil partnership ceremonies are legal. Its not a civil rights issue as some try to make out. Its a furphy and a Federal Issue.  If in doubt hold a referendum, Its not an issue that will determine who I support.

The Green's candidate for Melbourne, Brian Waters SC, only policy is gay marriage.  Brian Walters has no idea or his party has no policy on the City Boundaries or the proposal of a Greater Melbourne.  In this election planning and environment has taken second stage.

Gay Marriage has overtaken the public debate Aboriginal rights, land rights, our environment or good governance in this election.

Sorry I am not gay, but I do not think gay members of our society are being discriminated against by not having "Marriage" rights.  If twon indivuuals lobe eavch opther the certificate that says marrige says nothing, it is just a pecie of paper with a title. The ALP has acted laws to ensure that no one is discriminated against under our laws on the basis of race or sexuality preference. All partnerships (gay or hetrosexual) are equal in law. Visit Russia and all 'marriages" are recorded and performed by the State with a church wedding being an optional confirmation of ones faith and marriage.

There are many issues other then gay mnarriage that deserve more attention. I have no opposition to it I just do not think it is a real issue of concern. Education, planning, evivronment, our economy, electoral refrom  and good governance rate much higher in my thinking.

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